Get Moving this Summer

Don't let the summer heat stop you from getting exercise

Two Veteran friends taking a break in the shade after exercisingExercise is important to keep you healthy. It supports your heart, helps you sleep at night, and can even improve your mood. As the summer heats up, it can be tempting to avoid physical activity. We have 3 ways to help you keep moving this summer:

  1. Start and end your day with movement. Avoid the midday heat with quick routines in the morning and evening. This could include 2 exercises and one stretch. For example, try: Side Steps, Abdominal Lift with Marching, and Overhead Neck and Arm Stretch.

  2. Switch up your routine. Take advantage of cooler days by going for a walk outside. Walk around your neighborhood or local park. Even if the sky is gray, don't forget your sunscreen. UV light can pass through clouds even when visible light doesn't.

  3. On the warmest days, try aquatic exercise at a pool. Deep water walking, swimming, or water aerobics are good for your heart and gentle on your joints.

Make your movement safe

When you begin any exercise, it’s important to move safely. Little things can add up to safe exercise:

  • Always listen to your body and make sure you don’t overdo it.

  • Wear shoes that fit well and offer good arch support. This helps prevent stress on your feet and knees.

  • Take time to warm up and cool down. An intense workout can lead to injury if your body isn’t ready.

  • Stay hydrated, especially when exercising outdoors in the summer. Drink plenty of liquids before, during, and after your workout.

Track your fitness journey

Keep track of your routines using My HealtheVet’s Activity Journal. Always update your doctor about your routine so they can best guide you. If you have questions or experience any pain while exercising, send your doctor a Secure Message.

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Created on July 5, 2022