In the Spotlight

If you use hearing aids, you know they need to be adjusted over time. With VA Video Connect, you can get help managing your aids from home.
It’s important to have a long-term health care plan. The new toxic exposure screening can help you plan for future concerns with your VA health care team.
Your immune system defends against viruses and bacteria that can make you sick. Help your body fight flu, colds, COVID-19, and more with these healthy tips.
Tai Chi supports focus, balance, and strength. It can even help relax your mind.
If you have a medical emergency, don’t hesitate to get care immediately. VA may still offer coverage if you go to a non-VA emergency department, 
Deep Vein Thrombosis can happen to anyone. Read about the risk factors and ways to prevent blood clots.
The PACT Act expands health care eligibility for many Veterans. Veterans that you know might be eligible to enroll.
Do you have an unread message from your doctor? Easily update your preferences to get an email notification when you receive a new Secure Message.
Many people enjoy a few alcoholic beverages, but how much is too much? The decision to change is up to you. VA's VetChange mobile app and an online program can help along the way.
The PACT Act expands eligibility for VA health care for Veterans with toxic exposure and Veterans of the Vietnam, Gulf War, and post-9/11 eras.