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Get That Second Shot

Many people are skipping their second COVID-19 shot, according to local health departments. But without it, you’re not fully protected from COVID-19 or new variants, like Delta or Gamma. See where...

Be Smart: Get Screened

Are you among the many Veterans who delayed regular care during the COVID-19 pandemic? It’s time to make sure you’re up to date on your screenings. Ask your doctor what screening you need today.

Diabetes and Your Vision

Did you know regular eye exams are a critical part of self-care for diabetes? High blood sugar levels can damage your eyes and even lead to diabetic retinopathy. It’s important to know its symptoms...

Telehealth is More than a Video Chat

You may have seen or heard more about VA Telehealth lately, but do you know everything it can do? Telehealth is more than a social ‘chat,’ and with preparation, you can make it a productive...

Tips for Eating More Fruits and Vegetables

Do you eat 4-5 servings of fruits and veggies a day? During summer, there’s lots of fresh produce in season. These tips can help you use flavorful, healthy fruits and veggies in your meals.