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It's Here! The Improved My HealtheVet Website

We are proud to announce the release of our newly redesigned website is officially here. It is designed to reflect your needs and adopts the U.S. Web Design Standards to improve your online...

Veterans Health Benefits Handbook is Now Available Online!

In the Spotlight Veterans Health Benefits Handbook is Now Available Online! Personalized Information about Care, Locations, Eligibility and More Veterans with a Premium My HealtheVet...

#Be There: A Simple Act of Kindness

Calling a friend, meeting a colleague for coffee, having dinner with a relative could have the power to make a huge difference for someone going through a difficult time.

Learn About Your Medical Records Health Summary

Get Your VA Health Summary - The VA Health Summary, formerly named the VA Continuity of Care Document (VA CCD), was designed to allow Veterans to share their VA health information electronically.

Staying Fit in the Summer Heat

When we are feeling warm/hot, we perspire. If our bodies do not cool correctly, we can feel and become ill. Here are some things we can do to help stay cool.

Ask a Pharmacist: Get Answers to your VA Pharmacy Questions

Do you have VA prescriptions? Do you have questions about your medications? Now, VA has a new web application (app) that can help.

If You Are Concerned About Dementia

It's common to have trouble remembering things as you age. That's why it's important to know the difference between natural memory loss and dementia.

My HealtheVet Notifications Made Easy

You can not only refill prescriptions and check on VA appointments on My HealtheVet but also manage your notification and reminder preferences online as well.

Top Five Ways to Avoid Diabetes

If you have diabetes, can you live a full, enriched life? Of course! Why not? There is no reason that diabetes has to make life any less enjoyable.

Aging Well - The 5 Things You Can Do to Stay Happy and Healthy

Aging Well - The 5 Things You Can Do to Stay Happy and Healthy My HealtheVet wants our Veterans to live long, healthy lives. We put together five recommendations that will assist you with...

Talk With Your Doc: Simple Steps to be Involved

Health care appointments are usually shorter than we might like, but there are ways to make the most of every visit.

It's App to You: Get MOVE!-ing this Summer!

Summer is back. It's a great time to get active and get back into healthy habits. You might want some help.

How to Manage and Prevent Low Back Pain

Most people have lower back pain now and then. It is a common problem that is uncomfortable and sometimes downright painful.

Prostate Cancer: Screening, Diagnosis, Treatment Options

Prostate cancer is the most common non-skin cancer among American men. Most men with prostate cancer are older than 65 years and do not die from the disease.

Are You Protecting against Malignant Melanoma?

Malignant melanoma is a serious type of cancer which is found mostly in skin but also (rarely) in other areas of the body. It is one of the less common types of skin cancer but causes the majority...

Mental Health and 'No Tobacco Day'

On the surface, mental health and tobacco would seem to share little common ground. However, the reality is that it can have considerable negative impact on your mental health as well.

Bird's Eye View of Your Wellness and Your Health Risks

If you are going to manage your health, the HealtheLiving Assessment (HLA) can give you that starting point.

VA Notes: Better Understanding, Better Care

Easy access to health care information with a better understanding of appointments and medical conditions is something that every Veteran can appreciate.

Stroke: Factors, Effects and Prevention

A stroke occurs when either too much blood or too little blood disrupts blood flow to part of the brain.