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Check Out VA Mobile Health Apps

Anger management, video telehealth, PTSD and parenting are just some of the topics covered by VA mobile apps. My HealtheVet has this handy list of the most useful VA mobile apps Veterans can use for free.

Alive and Healthy! A Diabetic Returns from the Brink

The emergency room doctor was surprised he wasn't in a coma. Joseph, a Veteran with diabetes, high blood pressure, high cholesterol, and hypothyroidism used VA's MOVE! Program to improve his health. With the help of MOVE!, Joseph was able to reach his health and fitness goals.

Make a Heart-Healthy Shopping List

As we prepare for Labor Day weekend, remember that reducing your risk for heart problems starts with the food in your kitchen. Preparing a healthy grocery list before you walk into the grocery store can keep you from making unhealthy food choices.

What Women Need to Know About Pain

Chronic pain, common among women Veterans, can affect many parts of life, and make getting through the day difficult. Understanding how pain interferes with daily life can help you choose treatments that can reduce pain while improving function.