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Will Your Prescriptions Continue?

Advanced accounts are going away soon. That means if you don't have a My HealtheVet Premium account yet, you may lose access to important features. Keep using your My HealtheVet account without missing a beat.

Step Up for PTSD Awareness June 27

June is PTSD Awareness Month. Join us as we virtually step up to raise awareness for PTSD. Learn how to sign up.

Mighty Meat-Free Meals

If you're thinking about eating less meat, it doesn't have to be a dramatic change. You can start slow and add one meat-free meal a week to your diet.

How to Spot Deep Vein Thrombosis

Many things can cause pain or swelling in your leg. In fact, deep vein thrombosis can have the same symptoms as other health problems. Know what to look for to stay healthy.