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Treating PTSD: Stay Connected

Whether you are getting treatment for PTSD, or PTSD with another health problem, you need a way to keep track of appointments, medications, and sometimes vital signs. My HealtheVet can help Veterans with PTSD manage their health care, access records, and talk to their providers with one simple logon.

June 27 is National HIV Testing Day

You can never know your status unless you get tested. Early treatment helps people with HIV live longer and dramatically reduces the possibility of transmitting the virus. Everyone should know their HIV status and be checked at least once.

Urgent Care - Where and When You Need It

You've probably seen news about the MISSION Act, which expands same-day services in primary care and mental health, as well as expanded telehealth to Veterans in their homes. Under the MISSION Act, urgent care is now a supplemental benefit for eligible Veterans. Urgent care in VA or the community (i.e., non-VA) is for those minor injuries and illnesses that do not require emergency room care.

Six Ways to Combat Heart Failure

Congestive heart failure (CHF) is a common chronic condition that reduces the heart's ability to circulate blood. While it's serious and has no cure, there are simple changes you can make. If you have CHF, lifestyle choices and medications can help you live a long and productive life.

Cool Down Your Summer Workout

You don't have to let summer's heat stop you from taking your exercise outside. Start exercising in the heat for a few minutes a day and gradually increase the time as your tolerance builds. Go slow until your body gets used to the weather. By taking time to plan, you can enjoy a safe and healthy workout.

Target Your Anger with AIMS App

Anger is a natural emotion. But it can be a problem if you get mad too often, too quickly, or too intensely. The good news is that anger is not a permanent part of your personality. VA has developed a free and confidential course that can help you learn tools and techniques to manage anger and irritability better.