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The What's New on My HealtheVet page is where you'll find updates on changes to My Healthevet, alerts for actions, and other information.

Try appointments on VA.gov

Posted 11/27/2023

We're building a new home for managing your appointments on My HealtheVet on VA.gov.

Here’s what you can do with this tool:

  • Review your VA health care, community care, and claim exam appointments

  • Request and self-schedule some VA and community care appointments

  • Cancel some appointments

Try appointments on My HealtheVet on VA.gov

Note: If you get care from a VA health facility that uses the My VA Health portal, you’ll still need to go to that portal to manage your appointments for now. Go to My VA Health

Try Messages on My HealtheVet on VA.gov

Posted 11/06/2023

We're building a new home for communicating privately and securely with your VA health care team on My HealtheVet on VA.gov. You can use Messages on My HealtheVet on VA.gov just as you use Messages on My HealtheVet today.

Try messaging on MHV on VA.gov

Note: We may prompt you to sign in to VA.gov before you can access the new tool.

My HealtheVet is getting a new home

Posted 09/15/2023

My HealtheVet and My VA Health are moving to a new home on VA.gov called My HealtheVet on VA.gov. You’ll be able to manage your health care, benefits, and services in one place. My HealtheVet on VA.gov will have new features and an improved experience based on your feedback.

My HealtheVet features will move to My HealtheVet on VA.gov in a series of phases through October 2024. You can use the My HealtheVet patient portal you are using now until the transition is complete.

Verify the accuracy of your VA.gov profile

Posted 09/15/2023

Review your VA.gov profile to make sure your address, phone number, or email address are correct. Update the information as needed.

Read information on managing your VA.gov profile

Sign in with a Login.gov or ID.me account

Posted 09/15/2023

It's best to use a Login.gov or ID.me account to sign in. These accounts meet modern security standards. Select ‘Option 1: New VA sign in (recommended)’ on the My HealtheVet Sign in page.

Read information on signing in to My HealtheVet

Login.gov and ID.me are used to sign in to VA.gov.

Read information on signing in to VA.gov

To prove who you are, you'll have to go through multifactor identification. This extra step to sign in is a simple and effective way to add an extra layer of security to your account. Banks and other places that care about protecting your data often use it.

Read more about multifactor authentication

Watch Multifactor Authentication - YouTube video

If you don’t have either of these accounts, create a Login.gov or ID.me account now and verify your identity.

Create a Login.gov account
Create an ID.me account

My Goals will be retired

Posted 09/15/2023

My Goals will not be available near the end of this year. My Goals will continue to function until it is retired. You may view a summary of your goals by downloading a VA Blue Button report. A summary of historical goals will be available to view when My Goals is retired.

Download a VA Blue Button report to view your goals

As a replacement for My Goals, consider using goal setting apps through the VA Mobile App Store. There are apps like Live Whole Health that help you set goals and give you a deadline to reach them.

Browse the VA Mobile App Store for goal setting apps