Take Control of Your Stress

Manage everyday stress with these tips

A Veteran on a peaceful walk with her dogBetween juggling family, working from home, the COVID-19 vaccine updates, and other news, it's okay to feel stressed right now. No matter the stress level you feel, learning to manage it can help you live a more peaceful and healthier life. Managing your stress takes practice, but you can do it.

Here are a few ways to help you control stressful situations.

Find the causes of your stress

Things that bring stress are called stressors. They can be everyday events, life changes, or a combination of things. Figuring out what causes you stress can be difficult to pinpoint. Once you learn what's causing your stress, you can develop a plan for dealing with them.

Know the signs

Step one of handling stress is knowing how you respond to it. Some common responses are:

Sometimes we don't even realize how our actions may change when stressed. That's why it's a good idea to start using a stress tracker. This is a great tool to see what patterns you may have or how you typically respond to stress. It helps you identify stressors and their effects on your health.

Stay connected and social

Find ways to connect with people. Don't let stress keep you from video chatting or just telephoning friends and family. Taking a break from watching the news or being on social media may help you decompress while connecting with the people around you. It's good to have balance in your life so that you don't start to feel overwhelmed. Reaching out in your social circles can keep you on track. 'Social distancing' shouldn't mean disconnecting from friends and family!

Talk to your doctor

It can be hard to admit when you're feeling stressed. But if you're uncomfortable, let your doctor know. You can start the conversation for new or existing problems. Sign in today and use Secure Messaging (sign in required) to talk to your doctor about your stress.

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