Reaching Your Goals: How VA Can Help

Whole Health resources for personal development

We all want to spend our time and energy doing what we value the most. Personal development focuses on different ways you can grow closer to this goal. Whether you’re new to personal development or life changes have you re-evaluating, you’re not alone. VA’s Whole Health approach can help you take charge of improving your life and, in turn, your health.

The benefits of personal development

Learning and growing in your personal and work life can be empowering. Personal development gives you options and more control over your life. This leads to growth in your confidence and ability to face challenges. 

Personal development can also lead to the following health benefits:

  • Improved mental health

  • Fewer physical ailments

  • Reduced negative emotions

  • Reduced fatigue

  • Better sleep

  • Improved satisfaction with life

  • Reduced vulnerability to chronic pain

Choosing goals based on your values

Consider your values when deciding how to improve your life and health. Values are unique to each person. They’re the answers that come from asking ourselves “What matters most to me?” When we act on our values, it leads to a sense of happiness and fulfillment. 

With your values in mind, here are some ideas you can explore to enrich your life:

  • Pursue career training and education

  • Develop a skill or creative practice outside of work

  • Build and grow strong relationships

  • Manage your finances and other resources to reflect what’s important to you

  • Make time every day to laugh with friends, family members, and coworkers

  • Practice an inner strength, like compassion, forgiveness, or optimism

  • Create a plan to balance work with the other parts of your life

Making personal development part of your health plan

Find support by talking to your health care team about your needs and priorities. They can connect you to available Whole Health resources, such as Whole Health coaching or Veteran-led courses. You can also reach out directly using this list of Whole Health Facility Contacts.

VA staff and Veteran peers will guide you through the Personal Health Inventory self-assessment. You can also download and complete the assessment on your own. Your self-assessment can help you shape your Personal Health Plan and drive your choice of well-being programs and clinical treatments. 

Personal development is an important part of your health plan. Prioritize your well-being by starting the conversation with your health care team. With a My HealtheVet Premium account, you can easily send a Secure Message today.

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Created: October 12, 2023