Manage Your Health Record

Choose what to share with your Blue Button Report

A Veteran accessing his VA medical report online with his laptopMedical records help you manage your health. You might need to remember the name of a prescription for an appointment. Or you might need to share lab results with a health care provider. Blue Button allows you to access your records quickly. But did you know that you can customize Blue Button reports to include only what you need?

Blue Button offers choices

Veterans can view, download, and print their VA health records. Information from your VA health care provider, Department of Defense records, and self-reported data may be included on your Blue Button report. You can also search for older records not included in your VA Health Summary.

Control what you share

The Blue Button report gives you more control over information you share with others. You can customize your report to include only what you need. For example, you can select certain types of medical information or a specific date range.

With your customized Blue Button report, you can:

  • Send information to your doctor with Secure Messaging

  • Download or print to share with a non-VA health care provider

  • Bring to an in-person appointment

Note: Once you download your Blue Button report, your privacy is up to you. It’s your information, so you decide who to share it with. We recommend that you store your records in a safe place.

Accessing Blue Button

Veterans can access Blue Button with a Premium My HealtheVet account. Take a moment to upgrade to Premium today.

After you sign-in to your Premium account, click on the VA Blue Button iconBlue Button logo. Remember, your records may not show up right away. Your VA health care team reviews certain information before they post it. The time it takes to upload depends on the type of record.

Track your health

Your Blue Button report can include information you enter on My HealtheVet. Send your doctor a Secure Message to ask what information is helpful. You may want to track your vitals, physical activity, or eating habits.

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