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Fall Recipes for Your Family

Healthy meals that everyone will enjoy

Fall is a great time to spend indoors and try something new and seasonal in your kitchen. As the weather changes, preparing food with your family can be something fun to do together. With just a few ingredients, you can have a healthy, delicious three-course meal that is inexpensive and will leave everyone satisfied.

Try something new

Start with an appetizer that reminds you of the season. The fall quinoa salad does just that. It includes yummy ingredients like butternut squash and pecans to embrace the fall weather while getting a dose of vitamin A and vitamin C. With only 150 calories per serving, there will be plenty of room left for the main dish.

For the main course, warm up with the Healthy Teaching Kitchen’s African sweet potato stew. This heart-healthy recipe is filled with sweet potatoes, fire-roasted green chiles, and fresh kale. It’ll provide you with many nutrients, including calcium, magnesium, and vitamin A. With over 13 grams of fiber, your family will feel warm and full after this delicious meal.

Spoil yourself with a peanut butter fluff dip for dessert. Mixing peanut butter with the sweet taste of honey and chocolate chips will give you a treat that you can’t resist. This delicious fluff is a great source of protein. Try dipping fruits in the fluff, like apples or bananas, to make this dessert even more special and add even more healthy nutrients.

Other great fall recipes

If you’re looking for new cooking methods, check out VHA’s Healthy Teaching Kitchen. You can learn cooking skills that will teach you how to prepare healthy meals for everyone. For inspiration on new dishes, check out the One-Pot Meals Cookbook and Yummy Benefits Cookbook Volume II. Pick your protein or meal-type, and you will discover delightful recipes to try with the entire family.

Keep track of your healthy meals using My HealtheVet’s Food Journal. If you’re unsure about a new recipe or have diet restrictions, use Secure Messaging and check with your PACT dietitian to see if the meal is right for you. They can also give you more ideas for healthy meals and food options tailored to your personal nutrition needs.

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