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Get Your VA Medical Records Anytime

Take charge of your health and wellness

Before your next appointment, you can be better prepared to talk with your doctor. With My HealtheVet’s Blue Button feature, you can get easy access to your health records. You can have a printed version of your health record in front of you at any time or you can share it with your doctor electronically.

In this YouTube video, learn more about what VA Blue Button can do for you.

Get started with Blue Button

You can create a customizable report with a Premium account. It’ll have information that includes your personal medical history, VA prescriptions, past and upcoming VA appointments, and more.

How to create a Blue Button report

You can view, print, save, and download your VA medical records anytime. To create a report, follow these directions:

  • Sign in to your Premium My HealtheVet account

  • Select ‘Health Records’ and then choose ‘VA Blue Button Report’

  • Pick a date range and choose what information to include

  • Click ‘submit’ at the bottom and then view your info in either a PDF or TXT file

Have you used My HealtheVet's Blue Button feature to review your records before an appointment?