Reducing COVID-19 Stress via Text Messages

During stressful times, 'Annie' can help

Physical distancing and self-isolation can be stressful. If you're experiencing anxiety or loneliness because of the COVID-19 pandemic, Annie's text messages may be able to help. Annie is VA's automated text messaging program that sends health information and reminders. Any mobile phone with texting can receive Annie messages.

Coping during COVID-19

Screenshot of texts from Annie protocolAnnie's new "Coping During COVID" sends tips for managing stress. After you subscribe, Annie sends you three messages per week, asking if you'd like a coping tip. When you reply 'yes,' Annie sends a second message that includes an activity or suggestion. Annie's tips offer strategies for:

  • Decreasing feelings of anxiety, anger, depression, and isolation.

  • Increasing feelings of social connection and empowerment.

Start using 'Annie.'

Use Annie to cope with COVID-19 by subscribing yourself or asking your VA health care team to subscribe for you. If you're already registered for Annie, text SUB COPE to Annie (75338) to subscribe. If you're not yet registered, follow these instructions.

The screenshot above shows an example text exchange between Annie and a Veteran.

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