Safe Travels with My HealtheVet

Managing your health before and during travel

Veterans walking through baggage claim at an airportIf you travel often, you might have a routine or checklist that helps you prepare. Even the most organized travelers can forget about checking their health care before they leave. But making sure you have your medications and won’t miss appointments is important.

With a My HealtheVet Premium account, it’s easier to manage your care before you travel.

Manage your medications

Be sure to check that you’ll have enough of your medications before a trip. Refill your prescriptions with My HealtheVet online. Request refills at least 15 days before running out of medications to make sure they arrive before your trip.

Track your delivery and sign up for notifications to see when your medications will arrive. Talk with your doctor if you’ll need refills while traveling domestically. Contact your VA pharmacy to provide the travel dates and address you’ll use for mail.

Your Medication List can double as a packing checklist. Use the list to make sure you don’t forget your VA prescriptions and over-the-counter medicines or supplements that you’ve self-entered on My HealtheVet.

Check your appointment schedule

It’s normal to book certain appointments months in advance. It can be easy to forget those dates when you schedule trips. Before you travel, check to make sure you’re not going to miss a visit.

View your VA appointments on Health Calendar. You can see the date, time, and type of VA appointments with VA Appointments tool.

If you have appointments during your travels, you can re-schedule or cancel some online with Always check with your doctor before canceling an appointment in case you’ll be away for a while.

Get your questions answered

Planning a trip can bring up questions about your health. For example, you might need to know how to take medication if you’re changing time zones. Or maybe you want to ask about precautions to avoid getting sick.

Your VA health care team has answers that can help you travel more safely. Send your doctor a Secure Message to ask your questions. Use their answers to ensure you’re prepared for your trip.

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