Don't Let Anger Get in Your Way

Better understand and manage your anger

Everyone gets angry now and then. It’s a natural emotion that can help protect us from harm. But uncontrolled or out of place anger can damage relationships and cause further stress. For people who have experienced trauma, anger can be a common response. The good news is that anger can be managed.

If you struggle with anger, VA can help. You may want to improve your relationships or better handle stress. If you want to make changes, the AIMS mobile app is a good place to start.

AIMS can help

AIMS (Anger & Irritability Management Skills) is a VA app that’s free and anonymous. It offers tools and techniques to help manage your anger. It takes time, but you can teach your mind to respond differently.

The AIMS app is based on treatment that was designed for Veterans. The goal isn’t for you to never feel angry. Instead, the app will help you identify what makes you angry. You’ll learn to notice the warning signs and manage how you respond.

How does it work?

Many Veterans have improved their anger management skills with AIMS. The app can help you better understand anger, learn to recognize your warning signs, and create a useful plan. You’ll set goals for the skills you want to learn. Then, you’ll practice a variety of anger management tools to find what works best for you.

You can access AIMS on a computer or mobile device. Use your device to practice new ways to cope with anger in the moment.

Talk to your doctor

AIMS for Anger Management provides useful tools, but you can also talk to your doctor about more options. My HealtheVet offers free online mental health screenings. Results are not recorded, but you can share them with your health care team through Secure Messaging.

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