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Strengthening Your Core

Try a 20-minute seated exercise session

No matter your fitness goals, it's important to strengthen your core. You use your core every time you move. Not only is a strong core good for your posture, but it's also the base for movements like walking and running. But we can't all walk, run, or even stand—and that's OK.

You can watch a VA exercise physiologist show you a core strengthening routine that you can do while seated. Before you get started, find a chair, ideally without arms.

With each movement, breathe freely and deeply, and avoid holding your breath. Manage your breathing with the tightening of your abdominals to get the maximum benefit.

It's not always easy to get to fitness centers or group activites. That's why it's important to find ways to exercise from home. A weak core can cause lower back pain and an increased risk for injury. Schedule a doctor appointment through VA Appointments if any of these movements are difficult. You'll need a My HealtheVet Premium account to schedule an appointment online.

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Updated September 19, 2022