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Tips for Simple Exercises

Build strength without standing up

Has pain or trouble standing made it challenging to lose those extra "quarantine 15" (pounds)? Some exercises can help you lose weight while building your strength while you are seated. Such exercises can reduce stress, increase mobility, and change your life. Don't let barriers hold you back.

At the start, always check with your health care team to see if these exercise tips can help you. Included below are some short, easy-to-follow YouTube videos you can watch to learn how best to move.

Tip 1: Exercise to relieve pain

Whether it's from sitting and typing, heavy lifting, or enjoying hobbies and activities, our muscles and joints can start to feel sore. Relieving pain can help you get back to enjoying the things you love.

To reduce neck and back pain, include these activities in your routine:

Weak knees can cause pain and make it difficult to stand or move quickly. To strengthen your knees and get better support, try these simple knee exercises:

Tip 2: Build strength while lying down

You may think you need to be on your feet to get a good workout. But there are exercises you can do while lying down and still reach your fitness goals. By using your body weight and repetition, these exercises can help without any equipment.

To build arm strength, lay down and try these workouts:

If you're not too tired, try adding in some core exercises. You won't even have to get up. Just lay on your back and slowly begin working your stomach muscles.

Try completing these activities in a slow and controlled manner. Going too fast or overworking your muscles can cause long term pain and lead to injury.

Tip 3: Use tools that can help

If you have questions, use Secure Messaging (sign in required) to ask your health care team if these exercises are right for you. Once you get approval, start working out, and add your workouts to the MOVE! Coach app and your Activity Journal to keep track of your progress.

Remember: Stop immediately and contact your health care team if any massages, stretches, or exercises cause you pain.

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