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Seeing Your Doctor During the Pandemic

Telehealth makes a healthy connection

A Veteran having an appointment via VA Video Connect forAs things in our lives continue to change, so does health care. Limiting exposure during the COVID-19 pandemic has made virtual care more important and is available across most specialties. By using a secure video connection on any device with a cellular or internet connection, VA Video Connect lets you receive quality health care in a safe and timely manner.

For your next appointment, join the 31,000 daily users of VA Video Connect, and see how it can help you get the care you need. "Patients are very pleased with the VA Video Connect experience. They like the convenience of staying in their own home with no travel, parking, or waiting," said one VA Doctor.

New uses for VA Video Connect

As the COVID-19 pandemic grew, the need for video visits made VA health care teams step up to the challenge. "On-demand Telehealth services to our Veteran's home is what many of our Veterans desire, especially now in the COVID era," said Deputy Chief Medical Officer for the Great Lakes Health Care System, Dr. Scott Pawlikowski.

Health care teams can now use VA Video Connect for:

  • Preop visits to make sure you're prepared for surgery

  • Postop visits to evaluate recovery

  • Evaluate wounds or other physical problems (non-urgent burns, ankle sprains, or bruises)

  • Discharge planning for patients returning home to caretakers or nursing homes

Great for patients

With a video visit, you don't have to worry about wearing a mask or going anywhere. You can be seen safely from your home. Veteran Devon Rycraw said, "I was very concerned about going to a VA facility because of COVID-19, so I called to ask about doing a video visit. It was great. The doctor could see my injury and treat me right away. It was seamless and saved me time and money. I recommend this to all Veterans!"

Patients are also able to easily follow their doctor's advice. Dr. Kevin Broder of the VA San Diego Healthcare System said, "it has helped us see better patient compliance with treatment recommendations, as family members and caregivers can join at home or remotely and receive relevant education while doctors reinforce care plans."

My HealtheVet can help with your virtual care

Use Secure Messaging (sign in required) to see if your next appointment can be a video visit. My HealtheVet can help with your virtual care by:

  • keeping track of scheduled appointments, whether in-person or virtual

  • having your health records and medications in one place

  • access to doctor's notes and instructions

Remember: VA Video Connect shouldn't be used in cases of emergency. If there's an emergency, call 911, or get medical attention immediately.

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