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United States Department  of Veterans Affairs

Keeping Up with All Your VA Appointments


You've scheduled an appointment at a VA Medical Center (VAMC), but where, oh where is that appointment reminder card? Instead of piecing it together after your last load of laundry, use the My HealtheVet's Appointment feature, to help you keep track of your past and upcoming visits. It stores and organizes all of the information about your appointments in one convenient location. All you need to do is login.

To get to the Appointments section (after you've logged in), look under the "Get Care" tab or access it through your Personal Health Calendar. There, you can view your appointments, which include those you self-entered as well as your VA Appointments. You can also look up your past VA Appointments from the last two years. In addition to showing the date, time and location of each VA Appointment, you can also see the "status" (i.e. kept/not kept, future or cancelled) of each appointment. It also shows if you should have blood drawn or an x-ray taken before your VA clinic visit. You can NOT make, cancel or change a VA Appointment through this feature, but you can send a Secure Message to your VA health care team if you need to rearrange your schedule!

Screen shot showing a calendar using VA appointments

Use the Health Calendar feature in My HealtheVet, to set preferences so that you will receive an appointment reminder in your personal email. You can do this so you get a reminder two weeks and/or three days before your next VA appointment. Your Health Calendar is printable, too, in case you want to tack it up on your fridge.

So stop shuffling through bits of paper in the hopes of finding your VA Appointment information. Find it anytime using the My HealtheVet Appointment feature, and make sure you're on time for your next visit.

To access your VA Appointments, you must be receiving health care services from VA, have registered on My HealtheVet as a "VA Patient" and have a Premium My HealtheVet account. To get an upgraded Premium account, you will need to go through authentication. This is a process by which VA verifies a Veterans' identity. This is done before allowing access to his or her VA health record. Learn more about upgrading your My HealtheVet account through In-Person or Online Authentication.

Updated/Reviewed: February 6, 2013

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