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Don't Miss My HealtheVet's Hidden Gems

We asked My HealtheVet Coordinators which features Veterans tend to overlook. Coordinators talk with Veterans inside VA Medical Centers every day about using My HealtheVet. They know the 'ins and outs' of My HealtheVet better than anyone, and recently shared the most overlooked gems.

When Women Veterans Return Home

Letting go of your active duty lifestyle can be tough, especially after returning home. Are you wondering how you fit in with your family, friends and loved ones? Do you feel alone and isolated or that your relationships aren't as close as they used to be? If so, VA offers a variety of services to help women Veterans readjust to life at home.

Your Whole Health and Empowerment

Try the Whole Health approach to take charge of your health and well-being. It helps you to be empowered and involved in your health care. My HealtheVet offers tools to make managing your Whole Health easier.

The Everyday Challenges of Fibromyalgia

Living with fibromyalgia, a presumptive illness for Gulf War Veterans, can be tough. Although the cause is still unknown, it's been linked to repetitive injuries, trauma, stress, and infections.

Top 5 My HealtheVet Articles of 2018

My HealtheVet shared over 100 articles with you through the newsletter and website last year. That's a lot of great health information and health care management reminders. Here's a list of the top five articles My HealtheVet members chose to read last year to take with you into 2019.