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VA Appointments Summary

The My HealtheVet VA Appointments feature provides a method for you to view the details of your appointment records from a VA facility. The VA Appointments Summary page displays a list of your VA appointments. It displays the past 2 years of your VA appointments and all of your upcoming VA appointments.

VA Appointments feature: Displays the name of the person that logged into My HealtheVet. It also tells you the date and time your VA Appointment information was last updated.

Blue Information Box: Tells you important information you need to know before your appointment.

Before Your Appointment

  • Check the date, time, including time zone, and type of appointment (telephone, video, in-person).

  • Bring your insurance information.

  • Set up VA Appointment email reminders on My Profile page.

VA Appointments Summary (Telephone, Video, In-Person)

Displays a list of your upcoming VA appointments, the date/time of the appointment, the status of the appointment (for example, active, canceled, etc.) the clinic name and the medical center division.

IMPORTANT: If the clinic name starts with NON-VA CARE, the appointment location is not at the VA Medical Center that is displayed. You will need to contact your appointment scheduling office, to find the location of the NON-VA CARE appointment.

The columns listed for Appointment Date/Time, Status, Clinic Name, Medical Division, and After Visit Summary can be sorted in ascending or descending order. To sort a column, select the up and/or down triangle (up/down arrow).

appointments summary

To view details about a specific appointment, under Clinic Name, select the Clinic name.

Status: Future appointments will have a status of Confirmed or Canceled. It is always good to check the status of your VA appointments before your clinic visit.

Status: Past appointments will have a status of Completed, Canceled and No Show. If you feel the status is incorrect, you can contact your VA Health Care team.

Status: Unknown - Sometimes MHV will display a status as Unknown, which is a temporary status. The user can check later to see if the status has been updated.

# Items found, displaying 1 to 10

Displays the total number of appointments found. The page is set up to display between 1-10 appointments. If there are more than 10 rows of appointments, the appointment list moves to page 2.

Results row options

This allows you view as many rows as you would like to see listed on your VA Appointment Summary page. You can select more than 10. To do this, click on the down arrow to select the desired number. For example, if you want to view at least 25 appointments on one page, select that number:

Number of rows to display per page: 10 25 50 100

Note: If you select 25, it will only show the number of future appointments. If you only have 10 appointments but selected 25, you will only see 10.

Results navigation options

Displays which page of appointments you are viewing. You can also select where you want to go, such as page 2, Next or Last. If you are on page 1, you can select 2 or select Next.

Note: 1-10 appointments are on page one. If you have 10 or less you cannot select another page because there is no information to see.

Blue Information Box: Tells you that VA Appointment information comes from your official VA Medical Record. My HealtheVet does not share your information with VA's appointment system. To cancel, change or request a VA Appointment, contact your local VA Facility or use the Online Scheduling Tool.

Note: If you have Secure Messaging, you can cancel or change your appointment by sending a Secure Message to your health care team.

User Guide: Provides a PDF guide on how to use the VA Appointments feature on My HealtheVet.

Learn More: Provides general information about VA Appointments.

Print: Displays a Printer Friendly page of your VA Appointments that you can print. You can also print your appointments from your Health Calendar and from the Blue Button feature.

To print your appointment list from the Health Calendar:

  • Sign in to your My HealtheVet account

  • Select the Get Care tab

  • Select the Health Calendar tab

  • Select List View

  • Under Showing Event Types select VA Appointments

  • Select Update View

  • Select Print

  • Select Print again

To download your data using Blue Button:

  • Sign in to your My HealtheVet account

  • Select the Blue Button Medical Reports box

  • Select VA Blue Button Report box

  • Select a Date Range

  • Under Appointments, select Future VA Appointments

  • Scroll to the bottom and select Submit

  • Select Download if you want an electronic copy

  • Click on View if you want a printed list