Don’t Let a Virus Ruin Your Holidays

Get your flu and COVID-19 vaccines to avoid missing a gathering

We want you to enjoy your holidays without an illness getting in the way. Getting your flu shot before the holidays protects yourself and the people you care about. When you get your flu shot, you reduce your risk of getting sick with flu. You also help reduce the spread of flu, so you and your loved ones can enjoy a healthier holiday season together.

When you receive an updated bivalent COVID-19 booster, you’ll be protected against the original virus that causes COVID-19 and the Omicron variants. You’re eligible for the updated booster if it’s been 2 months since you received the primary series or booster dose. You can safely get both the COVID-19 vaccine and the flu vaccine during the same visit.

The flu vaccine and COVID-19 vaccines are essential to protecting you and your loved ones this holiday season. They’ve also been shown to reduce the risk of hospitalization and death from illness. These vaccines will help you provide a safe environment for your loved ones who are more at risk, such as pregnant women, older adults, and those with chronic diseases.

One visit—two vaccines

You’re able to get your COVID-19 shot and a flu vaccine during the same visit. Use our facility locator and call to learn when and where you can get a flu or COVID vaccine. If you think it’s time for your COVID-19 booster shot, read guidance from VA to learn more.

If you have questions or are unsure if you’re eligible for your first or second COVID-19 booster shot, send your doctor a Secure Message or call your VA pharmacy. It’s still okay to get your COVID-19 booster and flu vaccine separately. But you shouldn’t delay in getting your shots.

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Created on November 9, 2022