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What's YOUR Health Age?

Take the 'healtheliving' assessment to find out

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The healtheliving assessment is the first step to making healthy changes. This online tool asks you questions about your health history and habits. For example, there are questions about your family health history and lifestyle choices. It also includes reports. Your reports show you your health age, current health status, and suggestions to improve your health - and lower your risk of disease.

Jay Shiffler, a 20-year Army Veteran, took the healtheliving assessment recently. His health age "was not quite what I'd hoped it would be. One of the indicators in the healtheliving assessment was my weight. My BMI (Body Mass Index) was too high, and it showed me that there are larger implications than say, just knee and back pain.

"I found it reassuring that it is completely confidential. I don't have to talk about some of these things in front of a doctor. I can do this all in the privacy of my own home."

Receive personalized reports

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The summary report in the healtheliving assessment shows Veterans the positive effect of making changes. With graphic displays, it offers Veterans the chance to see the impact of specific changes. 'It says "here are some things you might want to do to improve your health age",' noted Shiffler. "You can select the recommendations to recalculate your health age. It helped me focus on what I needed to improve."

Why should you take the healtheliving assessment?

  • It's confidential, safe, and secure. No one has access to your answers and reports unless you decclasse to share them

  • It's quick, free, and easy. No appointments, no waiting-you complete it online, in about 20 minutes.

  • It's informative and personalized. You get specific recommendations on how to improve YOUR health.

  • None of your information will affect any VA benefits or disability ratings

How can the healtheliving assessment help you reach your goals?

Explore and learn: Walk more? Eat better? Try the interactive feature to learn how making these changes can improve your health age.

Share with your doctor and health care team: Reaching your health goals can be easier if you choose to share your healtheliving assessment reports with your health care team.

Set goals for healthy change: Use this assessment to help you make a plan to improve your health.

Three easy steps to the healtheliving assessment:

  • Log in to your online account at My HealtheVet. (If you're new to My HealtheVet, you can register for an online account now)

  • Select the The HealtheLiving Assessment icon 

  • Complete the assessment and find out your health age today!

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Updated October 22, 2020