My HealtheVet Metrics

July - September 2022

New My HealtheVet Registrations: 143,708
New My HealtheVet registration metrics
Signed in My HealtheVet Users: 2,149,885
Signed in My HealtheVet users
Active My HealtheVet Users: 3,534,780
Active My HealtheVet users
Secure Messages Sent/Received: 8,174,634
Secure Messages sent and received
Blue Button Report Downloads: 1,711,458
Blue Button report downloads
Rx Refill Requests: 7,670,879
RX refill requests
Mobile My HealtheVet Users: 45%
Mobile users
My HealtheVet User Satisfaction Score: 61.1
User satisfaction

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Updated August 5, 2022