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General FAQs

Your VA Provider and My HealtheVet

Can I email my VA provider through My HealtheVet?

Email is not secure and should not be used to contact your doctor. My HealtheVet provides Secure Messaging. This is a safe way to contact your VA provider and health care team. You must have a Premium account to use Secure Messaging. Talk to your VA health care provider to determine if they participate in Secure Messaging and if it would be a good way to communicate with them about your health care. If they agree, you may participate in Secure Messaging.

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Does my VA provider use My HealtheVet too?

My HealtheVet promotes partnership between Veteran patients and their VA providers, and is supported as a national resource by clinical staff at your local VA Medical Center. Your doctor can help you use this tool to learn more about managing your own health.

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How do I contact my VA provider about My HealtheVet?

The best way to contact your VA provider is always through your local VA Medical Center. My HealtheVet offers a great deal of health information but will never take the place of a visit to your personal clinician.

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Updated March 13, 2020