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General FAQs

Veterans Health Benefits Handbook

What is the Veterans Health Benefits Handbook?

The Veterans Health Administration created a Veterans Health Benefits Handbook for Veterans enrolled in the VA Health Care System. All new enrollees receive this personalized handbook in the mail, generally three weeks after enrollment has been confirmed. My HealtheVet allows users with a  My HealtheVet Premium, DS Logon Premium or account to download the handbook.  The Veterans Health Benefits Handbook is tailored specifically for you and provides detailed and updated information about the VA health care benefits you may be eligible to receive such as medications, prosthetics and dental care.

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What information is included in the Veterans Health Benefits Handbook?

Each personally customized Veterans Health Benefits Handbook includes:

  • Contact information for the Veteran's local VA facility

  • Steps on how to schedule appointments

  • Information regarding co-pay responsibilities, if applicable

  • How to communicate treatment needs

  • Guidelines for accessing the Veteran's heath record

  • Patient rights

  • Answers to common questions

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How do I access my Veterans Health Benefits Handbook?

My HealtheVet Premium account users can download their Veterans Health Benefits Handbook.

  • Sign in using your My HealtheVet User ID and Password, DS Logon Premium Account or

  • Select the Personal Information menu tab on the home page

  • Select My Profile

  • Click on the MY HANDBOOK quick link

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Who should I contact if I want additional information about my Veterans Health Benefits Handbook?

For information about your Veterans Health Benefits Handbook, or to request a replacement, call 1-877-222-8387 (VETS).

To view a sample handbook, visit here

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Updated March 5, 2020