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Your Relationships and PTSD

When PTSD takes up too much space in your family life

It can be hard to connect with the people you love when you have posttraumatic stress disorder. It can change all aspects of your day.

You might feel uncomfortable or anxious about leaving home to take a walk or go to a family gathering. You may have trouble interacting with your loved ones in the ways that you want to. If you’re finding that PTSD is impacting you and your family, there’s help available. In this video, learn more about Cognitive-Behavioral Conjoint Therapy, a PTSD treatment for you and another family member.

In this type of PTSD treatment, relationships are an important resource for recovery. Good relationships offer support and make us stronger. In Cognitive-Behavioral Conjoint Therapy, expect to learn better communication skills with your family members. These skills can help you work better as a team. Your therapist will also help identify steps you both can take to shrink PTSD—to reduce its impact on your lives.

Reach out today if PTSD has taken up too much space in your family life. Find out which PTSD treatment is best for you with the PTSD Treatment Decision Aid. If Cognitive-Behavioral Conjoint Therapy sounds right for you, talk to your VA provider to get started. You can send a Secure Message with a My HealtheVet Premium account