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Viewing Your Medications List

The VA Health Summary helps answer the question: ‘What medications are you taking?’

A Veteran viewing their medication listHaving a record of your medications from your VA health care team and your non-VA providers can save time and help you better manage your health. Your VA Health Summary includes both prescription medications and supplies filled at all VA pharmacies as well as non-VA medications.

‘Non-VA medications’ are medications you received from somewhere other than a VA pharmacy that your health care team has added to your VA health record. Non-VA medications may be prescriptions from either the VA or other providers that were filled outside the VA. Non-VA medications also include over-the-counter, herbal, or dietary supplements and sample medications. You cannot update the information on your Health Summary; you can ask the health care team to do this.

What’s in your VA Health Summary?

While the VA Health Summary can provide a variety of medical information, it provides the best view of your medications. This list can make it easier for you to review your past and current medications. In your VA Health Summary, you can see:

  • your active prescriptions (for medications and supplies) from all VA facilities

  • your recently expired and discontinued VA prescriptions from all VA facilities

  • the medications you obtained from someplace other than a VA pharmacy (non-VA medications)

  • your allergies and adverse drug reactions that have been documented at all VA healthcare facilities.

Although your VA Health Summary is a great place to view your VA and non-VA medications, there are a few things that you may notice missing from it. Your VA Health Summary does not include:

  • your prescription medications and supplies ordered by your VA healthcare team that hasn’t been processed by VA Pharmacy (pending prescriptions)

  • your medications administered in VA outpatient clinics (clinic medications and flu shots)

  • any medications you’re taking that you haven’t discussed with your VA health care team

By informing your health care team of any new or changed medications, you can keep your VA Health Summary current and up to date.

How to read the Health Summary

To view medications in your VA Health Summary, follow the steps below:

  1. Sign in to your My HealtheVet Premium account.

  2. Select ‘Personal Information’

  3. Then select ‘Download My Data.’

  4. Select the ‘VA Health Summary’ button

  5. From here, select the VA Health Summary and ‘View’ or the file type that you would like to download.

Review your VA Health summary

Before sharing your VA Health Summary with a provider, review it to make sure it’s correct. An example of how your medications will be shown is below:

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