You are the most important person on the medication review team. What you choose to share or not share can affect your health outcomes, so it is very important that you partner with your healthcare team. Before your next visit ask yourself the following questions and then share your answers with your provider:

Are there any new symptoms I have been having? Even those that may seem not important to you may be very important to your healthcare team. You can create a "health journal" for yourself on paper or in a notebook, and bring it to your appointments

Has anything in my life changed since my last visit? Has this change caused me unusual stress or feelings of sadness or hopelessness?

Have I made a list of all medications I am currently taking? This list includes information about when and how often I take my medication. I also know the strength of the medication (for example, I take 150 mg or 200 mg?)

Have I made a list of any side effects to medication(s)? Especially if the medication made me feel sick or if I thought I was allergic to it.

Have I included on my medication list, any over the counter medications I take as well as vitamins or supplements?

Have I made a list of questions I want to ask my healthcare team about my medications or treatment plan?

Being prepared for your visit makes it easier for you to work with your healthcare team and cover things you may want to talk about at your next clinic visit. Sharing this information also gives the healthcare team the chance to review your medications and make sure that there are no problems with medications you are taking.

Updated May 2011
Clinical Advisory Board Sponsor: Rose Mary Pries, PhD
Clinical Subject Matter Experts: Maureen Layden, MD, MPH; Eric Spahn, PharmD
Patient Education Subject Matter Experts: Kathy Horvath, PhD