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Risk Reduction - Eat Wisely

Building sound eating habits is one piece of a complete weight management program. Another very important piece is to include physical activity in your daily routine. With physical activity and weight loss you can reduce your risk of many chronic health problems and experience health benefits that help you feel great too!

You can find more information about the benefits of eating wisely and increasing physical activity at the website for The National Center for Health Promotion and Disease Prevention. In addition, the MOVE! Weight Management Program for Veterans website includes a wide variety of handouts to help you eat wisely and become more physically active.

MOVE! Weight Management Program Handouts (PDF)

The Basics Of Weight Control (PDF)

Health Gains from a 10% Weight Loss (PDF)

Other Resources

MOVE! Weight Management Program website (National Center for Health Promotion and Disease Prevention)

National Center for Health Promotion and Disease Prevention (VHA Office of Patient Care Services)

Updated January 2012
Clinical Advisory Board Sponsor: Dr. Linda Kinsinger
Clinical Subject Matter Experts: Dr. Kenneth R. Jones, Lynn A. Novorska
Patient Education Subject Matter Expert: Dr. Rose Mary Pries