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Do You Have a Mask?

To be inside a VA facility, you must wear a face covering or mask. Whether it’s social distancing, washing our hands, or cleaning surfaces, we’re trying to protect everyone.

Be Social from a Distance

Whether it's video appointments, wearing face masks at VA facilities, or maintaining physical separation, there are precautions you can take to keep you healthy.

Access VA Care from Home

Whether it's video appointments, online prescription refills, or other telehealth options, we're committed to providing high-quality care while keeping you safe. We have ways to prevent...

The Doctor Can See You Now

The next time you need to see your doctor, you might want to use your smartphone or computer using VA Video Connect. This app allows you to connect to your doctor without ever leaving home.

COVID-19 Info Goes Mobile

Do you want tools that can help you cope with stress, track your mood, and find resources? VA has created COVID Coach, a mobile app that can do just that.

What to Do If You’re Sick with COVID-19

Being diagnosed with COVID-19 is scary, especially when it hits closer to home. With a few tips, you can manage your symptoms and get better without going to the doctor.

Independence Day Cookouts

Summer is here, but with social distancing, your celebrations this holiday weekend may look a bit different. We have fun, new recipes you can try with your family.

Reducing COVID-19 Stress via Text Messages

Physical distancing and self-isolation can be stressful. If you're experiencing anxiety or loneliness because of the COVID-19 pandemic, Annie's text messages may be able to help.

Here's What's In Your Blue Button Report

Better manage and share your health records with VA's Blue Button feature on My HealtheVet. Download and print a copy of your Blue Button Report to keep track of your prescription medications,...

VA Medical Centers: Moving Forward Together

As VA medical centers begin welcoming back Veterans, we will continue safety measures, including physical distancing, face coverings required, and staff and Veteran screening for signs of COVID-19...

How to Avoid Prescription Refill Mistakes

Improve how you navigate the My HealtheVet pharmacy by avoiding these common hiccups. Discover helpful steps to use when refilling your VA prescription.

Are You Protected Against Skin Cancer?

Malignant melanoma is a severe type of cancer that is found mostly in the skin. You don't have to stay inside, but there are basic points to follow to avoid skin cancer.

Smoking: Ways to Quit

Repeated attempts to quit smoking is a normal thing. Find out more about quitting methods from VA and decide which ones might be right for you.

Telehealth and Pain Relief

Many Veterans use acupuncture to manage pain or even reduce nausea. Telehealth can offer the alternative of acupressure.

Recognizing Memory Problems

Not every memory problem is a sign of dementia or Alzheimer's disease. Know what normal memory loss is, and what isn't.

Understanding Diabetic Nerve Damage

About half of all people with diabetes have some form of nerve damage. It usually develops slowly, sometimes over several decades.

Gulf War Illness: Here's an App for That

Gulf War Veterans may have unexplained illnesses related to their service. To help address your questions, VA offers the Exposure Ed mobile app.