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Important Information for JAWS Users

If you use JAWS, you will need to change your settings to use the forms on this site. We are trying to fix the issue and thank you for your patience.

How to Change Your JAWS Settings:

  1. Select the Utilities menu by pressing ALT + U.

  2. Then select Configuration Manager by pressing C.

  3. In the JAWS Configuration Manager, select the Set Options menu by pressing ALT + S.

  4. Then, to select HTML options, press H.

  5. Tab to the Misc. tab by pressing CTRL + Tab.

  6. To select the "Use Virtual Labels in Forms Mode" press ALT + V. This will either check or uncheck this option, depending on your previous setting. If you are unsure, continue to press ALT + V until your hear "checked."

If you have any questions about these instructions, please contact us.