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Understanding Diabetic Nerve Damage

About half of all people with diabetes have some form of nerve damage. That damage is called neuropathy and can be painful. Diabetic neuropathy is a serious and common problem of diabetes. You can often prevent diabetic neuropathy or slow its progress with tight blood sugar control and a healthy lifestyle.

Medication Questions: Get the Facts

There are important questions you can ask your doctor to become better informed about the medicines you take. Getting the facts about your medications and over-the-counter drugs can prevent problems. My HealtheVet has a list of questions you can bring to your next doctors' appointment.

Winter-Proof Your Workout

Winter's chilly temperatures can discourage even the most active people from exercising. Even though exercising in cold weather can feel difficult, it's generally safe if you take certain precautions. While bundling up helps, you should also pay attention to the signs of specific cold-weather hazards.

Understanding Acute and Chronic Pain

You've been in pain for a few months now. But is your pain acute or chronic? Understanding the difference between the two is very important when it comes to talking with your health care team and planning pain-management strategies.