Getting Started

Consider some of the following to get started with changing your eating habits. Set short term goals, write them down, and keep a food record. Enjoy your food; take your time.

My HealtheVet offers tools to help you track your food intake and exercise routine in the Journals section. Under Track Health, you can record and monitor your body weight and more in the Vitals & Readings section.

Recording your personal and family history under Health History can provide valuable information and help you to begin eating wisely. It is important to look at your food habits as they relate to you or your family. Make sure you record if you or family members have diabetes, hypertension, colitis, allergies, gallbladder problems, or kidney disease, all of which can influence food choices. My HealtheVet has many ways to help you manage your health care. Start tracking your health today!

Address barriers by weighing the advantages and disadvantages of changing your eating habits.

If you are trying to manage your weight consider joining the MOVE! Weight Management Program at your local VA medical center. Find out more.

Get Started - Eat Wisely

Since eating wisely involves making healthy food choices planning ahead is very important. Go to the grocery store with a list, choose restaurants with healthy options, and set healthy eating goals for yourself.

When eating at home plan a menu for the week, sit at the table to eat, and consider using smaller plates and bowls.

You can eat well on a budget by planning in advance. Be sure to review weekly ads for supermarket deals, clip coupons, and choose fruit and vegetables that are in season and on sale.

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National Center for Health Promotion and Disease Prevention (VA)

Updated January 28, 2021