View Progress Toward My Current Goals

This is the View Progress Toward My Current Goals page. On this page you can view progress you have made towards your current Goals for a specific time period. You may select as many Goals as you want to view. The information requested will be displayed on a new page.

Step 1: What time period would you like to see?

Select a date from the three drop-downs (Month, Day, and Year) or select the calendar icon. The calendar icon will open a pop-up window with a clickable calendar. By selecting a date in the calendar, the three date drop-downs will automatically be set and you may continue filling out this page.

Step 2: Which of the Goals you are working toward would you like to see?

This step allows you to select the Goals you wish to view progress on. By default, all of the Goals have been selected for you. If you do not want to view a Goal, uncheck the box next to that Goal. You may uncheck or select one or more of the Goals listed.

Submit - Select this button after you have chosen the time period and Goals you want to view and a new page will open displaying the information you requested.