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View Prescription History Detail

To open the View Prescription History Detail page, click on the View Detail magnifying glass symbol for a prescription listed on the View Prescription History Information page. The prescription number will be displayed as the header for the table of detailed information. This table will display the following information about the selected prescription.

  • Filled On - For an Active prescription, the Filled On date is the date that the prescription was last refilled. If a prescription has never been refilled, the Filled On date is the date that it was first issued.

  • Dispensed On - This is the date that the prescription is released for delivery via the Consolidated Mail Out Pharmacy (CMOP).

  • Refill Status - There are six possibilities related to prescription history status:

    • Active. A prescription is listed as Active if it is available for refill. To refill the prescription, you must open the Refill Prescriptions page by clicking on the left navigation bar.

    • Submitted. Submitted means that a refill request has been received by My HealtheVet, but has not been processed yet by the pharmacy.

    • Hold. The prescription has been put on hold by the pharmacy or the provider and is not available to be refilled.

    • Refill in Process. This status indicates that a refill request is being processed by the issuing pharmacy. When a prescription is in the Refill in Process status, the Fill Date will indicate when the prescription will be ready for delivery via mail (by the Consolidated Mail Out Pharmacy (CMOP)).

    • Discontinued. Discontinued indicates that the prescription has been discontinued by the manufacturer of the drug or the VA provider.

    • Expired. This means that the prescription has expired.

  • Facility - Facility is the name of the VA facility where the prescription was originally filled.

  • Ordered On - This is the date that the prescription was originally issued.

  • Quantity - Quantity indicates the amount of the prescription being refilled.

  • Refills Remaining - Refills indicates the number of refills remaining for the prescription.

  • Expiration Date - This is the date that the prescription expired or was cancelled.

The date and military time that the View Prescription Detail table was last updated is visible on the lower right corner of every page.

Click the Print button to print the information contained on this page. The Print button on this page will open a print dialog window which allows selection of page size, orientation, number of prints, etc.

Click the Close button to return to the View Prescription History Information page.