View My Completed Goals Printer Friendly Version

This is the View My Completed Goals Printer Friendly Version page. It displays the View My Completed Goals information in a printer friendly format. You can use the paper copy to share your progress with your health care team or other people important to you.

If you would like to print the information on the screen, select one of the Print buttons. A Print button is located at the top and bottom of the page.

Printer Friendly - This page is designed to print neatly on a standard sheet of paper (8 ½ by 11 inch). A border is displayed around the main content area. This border frames the printable area. The border is indicated by the phrase "The printable information appears within this border." Other information may be displayed outside of the border, but only what is inside of the border will be printed. Note: If you have more than one Goal on this page, the printout may take more than one piece of paper.

Print - The print button will open your printer's dialogue box. You must be connected to a printer to use this feature.

Done - Select this button when you are finished printing and you will return to the View My Completed Goals page.