View My Completed Goals

This is the View My Completed Goals page. All of the Goals you have completed are displayed in a summary format on this page. The Goals will be sorted by Goals Most Important to Me, Goals Second Most Important to Me, and My Other Goals. You can view the details of a completed Goal by selecting the View This Completed Goal link.

Printer Friendly - Select the Printer Friendly link to display a printer friendly page designed to print on a standard sheet of paper (8 ½ by 11 inch). You can use the paper copy to share your progress with your health care team or other people important to you.

Select the Use This Goal Again button to work on a completed Goal again. A message will display asking if you are sure you want to use this goal again. Selecting Yes will take you to the View My Goal page, where a new copy of your Goal is created and is not marked complete. You can change the copy of the Goal to meet your current needs. Using a completed Goal again allows you to use information from a Goal you already have to help start a new Goal. If you select No, a copy of your Goal will not be created and you will return to the View My Completed Goals page.

Note: If you create a new copy of your Goal, you will need to enter a new Goal Name for that Goal. If you try to use the same Goal Name for your new Goal, the message "Goal Name Already In Use" will display on the screen for this page. You can change the name of your Goal on the View My Goal page.

View This Completed Goal - Select this link to display the details for a Goal you have marked complete.

If you come to this page and have not completed any Goals, the message, "You have not completed any Goals" will display on the screen.