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General FAQs

Veterans Health Library

What is the Veterans Health Library?

The Veterans Health Library (VHL) is an online health information resource. It was designed with the Veteran in mind. Here Veterans and their families are provided with up-to-date health information that meets their needs. It is easy-to-access and it is available 24/7.

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How can I get to the Veterans Health Library?

It can be accessed three ways:

  1. On the My HealtheVet home page

    • Select the Quick Link to the Veterans Health Library

  2. On My HealtheVet

    • Select the RESEARCH HEALTH tab located at the top of the page

    • Select Medical Library

    • Select Veterans Health Library

  3. In your browser, enter

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What are the benefits of using the Veterans Health Library?

Information is presented in a number of ways, such as:

  • Information sheets

  • Booklets

  • Videos

  • Workbooks

Easy-to-use resources give you health information and tools to help you:

  • Live healthier

  • Prepare for health care visits

  • Understand medical conditions and treatments

  • Partner and talk with your health care team

  • Share in health care decisions and be more involved in your health care

Information can be shared via social media (Twitter, Facebook) and email.

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Is content available in Spanish?

Yes. Simply select the word En Español at the top right corner.

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Where can I get information about Tests or Treatments I may need?

Select the Tests & Treatments tab. On the Tests & Treatments page, you can browse by letter or by topic. You can also select from a list of common Tests & Treatments located on the left-navigation column.

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Are there videos or multi-media available?

Yes. You can find them by selecting Additional Resources on the left navigation column.

  • The Video Library has over 150 health topics.

  • If you have trouble hearing, all videos provide a closed captioning option.

  • Go-to-Guides are multi-media workbooks that combine video and animation, audio, text and graphics to help you manage your health.

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What information is in the sections called Living Well and Living With...

  • Living Well includes easy-to-understand information and advice to help you stay healthy and improve your quality of life. Topics include being involved in your own care, screening tests and immunizations, and more.

  • Living With... can help you understand and manage chronic conditions. This section has a variety of trusted information and resources.

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What Veterans Resources are available?

The Veterans Health Library is designed to be a Veteran's single source for trusted health information. To the right of the home page is the Veterans Resources column. Here you can find links to information that center on Veteran health issues, such as:

  • Healthy Living Messages

  • VA Polytrauma/Traumatic Brain Injury

  • PTSD Information

  • VA Smoking Cessation, just to name a few

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Where can I find Medication information?

Select the word Medications on the left-navigation column. This takes you to the Medications page. There you can search for a medication by letter or keyword.

The Medications section has over 33,000 prescription medications listed. In addition, there are over-the-counter products.There you will find answers to your questions.

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How often is content updated?

Health information will be updated as needed based on feedback from VA clinical experts and at least every two years.

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Where do I go for help regarding the Veterans Health Library?

At the bottom of each page of the Veterans Health Library, you can select the Help link. From there you can view FAQs and for information on how to contact the Help Desk.

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What is the Secure Messaging/Veterans Health Library feature?

Secure Messaging is a way to communicate online with your VA health care team through My HealtheVet. Secure Messaging lets the health care team send you information using links from the Veteran Health Library. If you get a Secure Message, there may be a link to Veteran Health Library educational material. Selecting the link will take you to a web page in a new window or tab. The word Education may be displayed in the subject field of the Secure Message.

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How do I participate in Secure Messaging?

You may participate in Secure Messaging if you are:

For more information on the Secure Messaging feature, please visit Frequently Asked Questions.

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How can I access Secure Messaging?

You may access Secure Messaging through your My HealtheVet Premium account anywhere there is a computer with Internet access. The Secure Messaging tab appears as a main navigation tab. You will:

  • Sign in to your My HealtheVet Premium account

  • Select the Secure Messaging tab

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How do I know if my VA provider participates in Secure Messaging?

Ask your My HealtheVet Coordinator or your VA health care team if they are participating in Secure Messaging.

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What additional references are available to me on Secure Messaging?

The Secure Messaging User Manual is a tool you may find helpful:

  • On the My HealtheVet home page, select the About tab at the top of the page

  • Select User Guide
  • Under User Guides select the link Secure Messaging User Guide

Your health care team or My HealtheVet Coordinator can also provide you with information.

Additional information is available at Frequently Asked questions.

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Updated July 22, 2021