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Learn More about the Track Delivery of VA Prescriptions

The Track Delivery feature is designed to help you track the delivery of your VA prescription via My HealtheVet. It lets you view when your prescription was shipped by a VA Mail Order Pharmacy. Track Delivery also shows the Delivery Service used (like the U.S. Post Office or UPS). When using Track Delivery, you do not have to remember or write down tracking numbers. When you want to find out where your mailed VA prescription is, you may go straight to Track Delivery to find the location of your package.

You may view the delivery status of a package for 45 days after shipment from the VA Mail Order Pharmacy. There is no limit to the number of times you can review the delivery status. You may also be able to view other prescriptions that may be delivered in the same package as the one you are tracking.

Please Note: The Track Delivery feature is available a day or two after your prescriptions are actually mailed from the VA Mail Order Pharmacy.

Track Delivery does not track VA prescriptions mailed from your local VA facility. There are some special prescriptions that cannot be tracked using this feature, such as controlled substances (also called Schedule II medications). These, and other medications or supplies, may be mailed directly from your local VA facility.

If you have any questions about your prescription, please contact your VA Pharmacy. The name of your VA Pharmacy is on your prescription label. You may also use the VA Facility Locator to find the phone number of your local VA facility to request assistance.