Make a Plan for Diabetes

Try a new approach to take control of your diabetes

A Veteran and their spouse walking outdoorsLiving with diabetes takes planning and hard work. Staying active and choosing a diabetic-friendly diet are important steps to staying healthy.

Whole Health can help you take these steps to manage your diabetes. Whole Health is VA’s approach to care that focuses on what matters to you, like your personal needs and goals. Find the right exercises and healthy eating habits for you.

Exercise and diabetes

Being active lowers blood sugar—it helps your body use insulin to turn food into energy. It’s also important for keeping a healthy weight. Try getting active a few times a week and see how it helps you manage diabetes.

Finding a new exercise routine can be hard. You don’t have to start by running 10 miles. Marine Corps Veteran Richard Fratarelli began by walking less than a quarter mile. By sticking to his Whole Health plan, he worked up to losing 70 pounds and walking a 5k race.

Like Fratarelli, you can use Whole Health to set SMART goals for your exercise. Whole Health can help you make a plan that considers where you’re at now and your goals for the future.

Food and Whole Health

Learning about diabetic-friendly food choices can be overwhelming. It’s important to find information you can rely on for your healthy decision-making. Whole Health teaches you where to start, like how food choices impact your overall health.

Read more to learn the basics of carbohydrates, which include sugars. Knowing the difference between healthy and unhealthy carbs helps you create a diet to manage your diabetes.

Your VA doctor can help

If you’re thinking about making changes to your exercise routine or diet, talk with your doctor. They can guide you and help decide which choices make sense for you. Send your health care team a Secure Message to discuss the next steps for your Whole Health journey.

With My HealtheVet, you can track your progress by logging your food and activity in online journals. These records can help you stay on track.

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