Start Your Whole Health Journey

Supporting your entire well-being

VA’s Whole Health approach focuses on what matters to you, not what’s the matter with you. It empowers you to make healthy choices in all areas of life, not just your physical health. Whole Health looks at your goals, lifestyle, and values. Your priorities will guide you in your well-being journey, including your mental health, sleep, relationships, and more.

Get started with Live Whole Health

VA offers an app to help Veterans in their Whole Health journey. Live Whole Health is a free app that teaches you more about Whole Health with videos and written information.

You can fill out a personal health inventory by entering what’s most important to you. You’ll rate your well-being in each aspect of Whole Health and write why you selected that rating. Based on your entries, you’ll set goals and steps to achieve them.

Live Whole Health will send you reminders of your goals. Track your progress in the app and talk with your doctor about the changes you’re seeing.

Remember: The Live Whole Health app is not meant to replace professional care. You should always talk to your doctor about lifestyle changes or concerns. Reach out to your doctor by sending a Secure Message.

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