Connecting Mobile Health Data Across Systems

Learn which non-VA apps you can use with your VA profile My HealtheVet data

A Veteran using a third-party connected mobile appYour health records from other apps and systems outside of VA can collect and combine your VA data using ‘Third-Party Apps.’ These third-party connected websites and applications aren’t created by VA, but you can connect them to your My HealtheVet profile and access your personal VA data, like your health or service records.

These apps can only receive your information after you give permission to include it in a Third-Party App (you, the Veteran, are one ‘party,’ VA is another party, so a non-VA app is called a ‘third party’).

How are these apps different from VA Mobile apps?

My HealtheVet and VA Mobile apps are designed and managed by VA for Veterans, service members, and caregivers. Third-party connected apps are designed and managed by organizations outside of VA. You can choose to allow these applications to securely connect to VA. They will access your data and services according to the Terms of Service and Privacy Policy presented to you when signing up. These apps use strong security techniques, so nothing is ever shared publicly.

How do they work?

Once you connect your information and begin using non-VA websites or apps, the data is updated without manually entering new information each time. For example, you can link information from your VA health records to an app that helps you track your health. It may include VA prescription medications and VA lab test results, alongside prescriptions from another health care system and lab test results from an outside lab. When you get new lab results, they can flow into the Third-Party App.

Find apps you can use

There are many apps you can use with your VA profile to support your health and wellness. From Apple Health to CommonHealth, you have the freedom to use the tools that work best for you.

Can I stop sharing my VA information with an app?

If you no longer want to share information with an app, you can disconnect it from your VA profile at any time. The app will no longer have access to your information. To disconnect from an app:

  1. Sign in to with your DS Logon, My HealtheVet, or account.

  2. Select your name, then Profile.

  3. Within your profile, select Connected apps.

  4. Find the site or app and select Disconnect.

You can also choose to disconnect the app from VA using the application itself according to the process required by each application.

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