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Get Care from Virtually Anywhere

VA Video Connect is still the best option

Facebook icon Veterans can meet with their VA health care team virtually and from the comfort of their own homes without incurring data charges. Through many tools, VA and T-Mobile help Veterans access care wherever they live. VA Video Connect is still essential in bringing care closer to home. Its usage has increased by more than 1000% in a year.

This event hosted by VA and T-Mobile will feature a discussion on tools that'll allow Veterans and their caregivers to receive care from virtually anywhere. You'll be able to ask questions as comments, and experts will respond to you during the event and immediately following. You can participate by:

Watch the live event to learn more about how you can get care wherever you live.

The event will feature Dr. Leonie Heyworth and Executive Advisor to the Secretary, Deborah Scher. It'll be moderated by Dave Bezzant, Sr. National Director at T-Mobile for Government.

Visit the VA's Connected Care site to learn more about the work to increase Veterans' access to care through virtual care technologies.

Created April 27, 2021