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Help VA unlock the future of medicine

A masked female doctor shows a paper to a masked female patientImagine visiting the doctor and getting health care designed just for you. VA’s Million Veteran Program (MVP) is working on that future today, and we need your help.

Joining the MVP research program means helping VA learn how to better prevent and treat disease in Veterans. VA will use your information to learn how genes, lifestyle, and military exposures affect your health. This will help us better understand why some people are more at risk of certain diseases than others. Or why some people respond better to certain medications and treatments than others.

The goal is for researchers to use MVP’s database—now the largest of its kind—to customize care for each patient and give Veterans the best health outcomes possible.

We especially invite more women to sign up for MVP. While more than 75,000 women Veterans have already joined, they reflect 9% of the 830,000 Veterans currently enrolled. There are more women Veterans than ever before, and we invite you all to join. Women MVP partners make cutting-edge research possible in areas like breast cancer and heart disease, where women from all backgrounds deserve specialized care.

Joining MVP means providing your informed consent, a one-time blood draw, and sharing access to your medical records with the MVP program. You may be asked to take a survey from time to time, too.

To learn more and sign up, visit or call 866-441-6075 to schedule an appointment.

Updated March 23, 2021