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COVID-19 Info Goes Mobile

Use COVID Coach app to feel more connected

A Veteran reading a text from COVID CoachDo you want tools that can help you cope with stress, track your mood, and find resources? Maybe even help navigate staying home while social distancing, quarantined, or sheltered in place? We created COVID Coach, a mobile app that can do just that.

COVID Coach supports self-care and overall mental health during the coronavirus pandemic. We have a few tips to help you use COVID Coach.

How to use COVID Coach

COVID Coach can be used as a stand-alone education and self-care tool, or as a supplement to professional mental health care. Try out different tools to see what helps you manage stress in the moment. You can mark your favorite coping tools to easily access them later and track your mental health as you go. Set a personal goal and track your progress toward it over time. Set reminders to visit the app each day to read an inspiring quote, practice a tool, or check your mood.

How can it help?

From your mobile device, you can use these four features of COVID Coach:

  • Education: Learn more about how to stay well, stay balanced, stay together, stay safe, and stay healthy. These short readings are organized by topic and include direct links to helpful activities and resources.

  • Tools: Manage stress by choosing from tools to help you find calm, feel grounded, or connect with others. Find activities to do by yourself, with a roommate or partner, or with children.

  • Trackers: Use Mood Check to set a goal for yourself or to track your well-being, anxiety, mood, or PTSD symptoms. View your progress over time with detailed graphs for each assessment.

  • Resources: Access additional resources for support during this challenging time. The app includes quick links to crisis resources, mental health treatment locators, public benefits, and more.

Remember that COVID Coach is not intended to replace professional care related to COVID-19 or mental health conditions, such as PTSD.

Note: This app is available on the App Store for iPhone and iPad and at Google Play for Android devices.

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Updated May 27, 2021