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As a subscriber to the biweekly My HealtheVet newsletter, you get regular articles about managing your health care and the online tools VA offers, as well as ideas for improving your health and wellness. In the near future, we'll also be sharing new information about the online tools available based on where you get your VA health care. To do this, we need you to update your subscription profile with your preferred VA Medical Center.

When there is specific news about My HealtheVet at your VA medical center, we'll know who to send it to based on your selection. It's quick, easy, and only takes four simple steps.

Step OneGo to the My HealtheVet Home Page

  • Scroll to the bottom of any My HealtheVet page.

  • Enter the email associated with your subscription in the box to the right, then click 'Submit.'


Step Two: Select 'Subscriber Preferences'

  • After you click 'Submit' in Step One, the screen below will appear.

  • Select 'Subscriber Preferences'

Step Three: Select the 'Questions' tab

  • After selecting 'Subscriber Preferences' in Step Two, you will see this:


  • Select the 'Questions' tab.

Step Four: Select Your VA Medical Center

  • After selecting the 'Questions' tab in Step Three, you will be directed to the screen below. (You can answer all questions on the page or skip to selecting your VA medical center.)

Medical center

  • Scroll down the page until you see the question, 'If you receive care from the VA, from which medical center do you receive the majority of your care?'

  • Select the dropdown menu to the right and choose your VA medical center.

  • After selecting your VA medical center, click 'Submit' to save your updated information. You have now updated your subscription to include your VA medical center.

This is not required. But this information can help us help you with your health care needs. Be sure to check your emails to make sure you don't miss out on the latest information.

Now that you’ve updated your subscription, make sure you’ve upgraded to a Premium account with access to all of My HealtheVet’s best tools.

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Updated January 12, 2021