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Warm Recipes for a Chili Winter

Pack tons of flavor in one pot

A Veteran making chili with her granddaughter When it comes to delicious feel-good food, chili is a no-brainer. Whether you want a quick meal or are prepping lunch for the week, chili doesn't have to hurt your health. 

VA has easy chili recipes that only take one pot and less than an hour to make. These recipes will help you enjoy chili on any day, without worrying too much about high sodium and fat:

  • Three-Bean Chili: This simple recipe takes no more than 45 minutes to make and feeds six people. All you need are a few key ingredients like beans, no-salt-added diced potatoes, and a few tasty seasonings.

  • Walnut Chili Mac: Try something a little different this year by using walnuts in your chili. You'll win your family over with ingredients like ground beef, walnuts, and even macaroni and cheese in a one-pot meal. This one is not only tasty, but it’s also healthy with only 280 calories per serving.

  • White Chili: There's nothing like chili on a cool day, and this recipe is no different. From ingredients like poblano peppers, no-salt-added white cannellini beans, and a few limes, no one will go hungry. Give yourself up to an hour to create this yummy chili.

With the weather getting cooler, make sure you try these easy recipes. Splurge a little but be sure to use your judgment wisely. You won't have to tell your family that you're serving up “healthy food”, because they won't even notice. By changing just a few simple recipes with one from above, your health will be the real winner.

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