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Moving Forward: Overcoming Life's Challenges

This online desktop and mobile option can help you deal with stress

Stress is normal, especially during the holiday season. But it can become a problem if you let stress get in the way of enjoying it. The good news is that stress doesn't have to take over your life. The way you handle stress is a learned behavior, which means you can retrain yourself to respond differently. VA developed a free and confidential course, Moving Forward, which teaches you skills to overcome stressful problems.

Even though life's challenges may be difficult, overcoming them is important. This is the only way to "move forward" and reach your goals. When facing problems, you have three choices: to avoid them, to impulsively do something to make us feel better, or to handle them thoughtfully and reasonably.

To better manage stress, Moving Forward uses videos, games, and interactive exercises by:

  1. Helping you become a problem solver

  2. Teaching you to handle stress day to day

  3. Showing you how to move forward in a healthier way

How can Moving Forward help me?

If you have trouble with stress or your temper, Moving Forward can help. With this course, you can decide what tools work best for you. Moving Forward prepares you with real-world skills and tools to use daily. You can access it through:

  • Desktop: The online course includes eight comprehensive modules that build on each other. It's meant to be taken as a full course. However, you can go at your own pace, but a module a week is recommended to give you time to practice the new skills you learn. It's free and anonymous, no sign in required.

  • Mobile: The app is available for iOS devices (iPhone, iPad). The app is an easy way to use stress management and problem-solving tools on-the-go. It can be used alone, or in combination with the Moving Forward online course. It's free and can be downloaded from the App store.

Sometimes life presents us with bumps in the road, and your feelings in response can be overwhelming. Use Moving Forward to learn how to handle those obstacles and improve your life. And remember, you should always be proud of the positive changes you make as you move through this program. If you're ready to learn how to handle your life's challenges, download the app today or start using the online courses.

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Created December 2, 2019