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My HealtheVet system upgrade means possible disruptions, better service

Veteran reading the My HealtheVet newsletter

In the coming weeks, My HealtheVet will be undergoing some changes, and we'll need to communicate with you about them. We can do this if you subscribe to our newsletter. We'll send out any urgent bulletins so you'll know about any unexpected issues that come up.

What are the changes?

These are system changes, popularly known as 'moving to the cloud.' This will improve security and overall management. It's part of a larger U.S. government effort.

This will not affect the design or navigation. It might mean there will be periods of time when My HealtheVet is not available.

When will this happen?

We have an early June deadline to complete the work, so from the middle to end of May, we are going to be very, very busy. We will try to perform the work at night and on weekends. This is when we'll need to talk to you and keep you informed, proactively.

What should you do now?

There are several things you can do:

  • Subscribe so that you can receive special bulletins.

  • Print out (and save to your computer) a list of your current prescriptions. To be prepared, check your VA prescriptions coming up for refills, and request them now.

  • Download a copy of your recent medical records; the Health Summary is a great way to do this. You can also get more detailed and older records with the VA Blue Button reports.

  • Check any upcoming VA appointments. You may want to confirm them with your facility prior to going to the VA.

  • Write down phone numbers of your health care teams' offices, as well as your VA Medical Center's pharmacy phone number.

There will not be any noticeable changes to anyone refilling VA prescriptions, sending or receiving Secure Messages, or checking VA Appointments.

Do we think My HealtheVet will be unavailable for long periods of time?

No. But we need everyone to be prepared for the unexpected.

Most important: Subscribe to the biweekly newsletter. You will receive any special bulletins with news about any issues and what you can expect. You'll also get useful information about how best to use My HealtheVet's features. (You can unsubscribe from any bulletin with a single click).

We are not planning on any service disruptions, but we want you to be prepared so that you can continue to receive the health care to which you are entitled.

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Created April 22, 2019