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Take Control of Your Drinking

VetChange mobile app and an online program can help

Many people enjoy drinking a few alcoholic beverages, but how much is too much? It's a common question, especially when determining if your drinking habits are worrisome. Too much alcohol, on a single occasion or over time, can take a severe toll on your health. The decision to change your drinking is up to you, but VA can help along the way.

Heavy drinking can lead to dangerous health conditions such as sleep disorders and heart disease. To avoid these risks to your health, you can choose from VA's many treatment options. VA's VetChange mobile app and online program offer proven self-help tools that build skills to help you stop or cut back on problem drinking. 

Break the cycle

You're not alone if traumatic events have impacted you and you use alcohol to self-medicate your PTSD. Almost 1 out of every 3 Veterans seeking treatment for substance use disorder also has PTSD. While many try to treat their PTSD symptoms with alcohol, drinking too much can make it harder to cope with stress and trauma. Alcohol abuse can increase some problems that are common in people with PTSD:

  • Panic attacks

  • Mood problems

  • Attention problems

  • Illness such as diabetes, heart disease, or liver disease

VetChange can help you cut down or quit drinking with guidance and tools to manage your stress symptoms.

Use VetChange to stay on track

VetChange is an entirely confidential way for you to:

  • Set personal goals to stop or cut back on drinking

  • Track your progress and stay motivated with daily feedback

  • Educate yourself about everyday situations that trigger drinking

  • Learn how to cope with stress, sleep problems, anger, and other feelings

You can use VetChange alone or with counseling. VetChange is not intended to replace professional treatment. Let your healthcare provider know if you are interested in VetChange. The app is free and available for download on iTunes

Online screenings

If you think you may suffer from either undiagnosed PTSD or alcohol abuse, you can take one of My HealtheVet's online screenings. The results are not recorded anywhere, and you can share what you learn with your health care provider. Together you and your health care team can best decide your next steps. If you have any questions or concerns about your treatment, send a Secure Message to your doctor. 

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Updated April 15, 2022