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If You Are New to My HealtheVet

Once you are registered, a Premium account leads to the best features

Veteran at VA Facility

My HealtheVet lets you access health records and communicate with your health care team online. My HealtheVet can provide you with convenient access to your personal health information so you can better manage your health.

With My HealtheVet you can:

  • Refill your VA prescriptions
  • Schedule and manage VA appointments online
  • Communicate with your VA health care team via Secure Messaging
  • View lab and test results
  • View and share your VA medical record with non-VA providers
  • Review notes from clinic visits
  • Record and track your diet, exercise and health history
  • And more!

How to Get a My HealtheVet Premium Account

My HealtheVet offers three account types, but only a Premium account gives you the highest level of access to My HealtheVet features.

The first step to get a Premium account is to go through Authentication and have your My HealtheVet profile information (full name, Social Security Number, date of birth and gender) linked to VA/DoD records. After you register, your account type will be displayed in the Member Login box. Those with a Premium account will have a premium account logo after their name. Here's What You Need to Know to upgrade your account.

"My HealtheVet puts Veterans in the driver's seat," says Sonja Skinner, My HealtheVet Coordinator at the Central Texas Veterans Health Care System in Temple, Texas and Veteran patient. "I can send messages back and forth to my doctor and I do not need to make calls. I like that I can do it on my own time."

Become an active partner in your own health care routine with My HealtheVet. Receive convenient access to your health care teams and tools to enhance your health care experience.

Featured articles with tips and helpful resources are all available on My HealtheVet to help you partner with your health care team to manage your health. We also have useful resources which are designed to enrich your experience with My HealtheVet.

Remember: Authenticate your My HealtheVet account to get the highest level of access!

Updated August 1, 2018