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Spread Only Good Cheer: Get Your Flu Vaccination

Flu season arrives with the cold weather. As we get ready for the holidays, when you'll be surrounded by family and friends, it's a good time to get a flu vaccination.

The flu is caused by viruses (germs). You can become infected when you inhale these germs directly. You can also become infected when you touch a surface on which the droplets containing germs have landed and then transfer the germs to your eyes, nose, or mouth.

What's important to remember is that anyone can get the flu. But you are more likely to become infected if:

  • Have a weakened immune system

  • Have frequent, close contact with young children

  • Work in a health care setting where you may be exposed to flu germs

  • Live or work with someone who has the flu

  • Haven't received an annual flu shot

Viruses that cause the flu change from year to year. For that reason, health care providers recommend getting the flu vaccine each fall or winter.

Vaccination is the surest way to protect against getting the flu. Get your flu shot every year to protect yourself and help keep the flu from spreading to others. Go to the VA Vaccination page to learn all about the flu vaccination. Also, remember to add your flu vaccination into your Personal Health Record in Track History.

Help reduce the spread of flu by:

  • Getting a flu shot

  • Keeping your hands clean

  • Covering your coughs and sneezes

  • Staying home when sick

Please vote in our unscientific poll. All responses are anonymous.

Will you get your flu shot before Thanksgiving?

% Votes
40% 2
a. Yes, I will get my flu shot at a VA facility.
20% 1
b. Yes, I will get my flu shot at a pharmacy
0% 0
c. Yes, I will get my flu shot somewhere else
40% 2
d. I already got my flu shot
0% 0
e. No, I don't plan on getting my flu shot

Total Votes: 5

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Updated November 27, 2020